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Top Effective Treatments For Croup

Croup does not sound strange with mothers nowadays. It is condition when the upper respiratory tract gets infection and leads to airway obstruction. After that, the baby feels unable to breathe normally and gets barking cough. It can lead to life- threatening condition if there has no timely and appropriate treatment. The children aged from 0 to 3 or even older commonly gets croup than health issues.

Because the cause of croup is virus infection, it is a highly contagious disease. Children easily get croup from infected droplets which is transferred by coughing, sneezing through the air. Touching and living in contaminated environment make children get croup more easily. The infectious invasion starts from nasal membrane then develops until vocal cord and so on.

As mentioned before, children are most likely to have croup but it does not mean that adult can’t get ill from virus. Pregnant women can also be transferred croup virus but don’t worry, the virus does not influence fetus’s health issues.

How can you realize croup when the baby can’t tell you? First of all, child feels cold then leading to barking cough. Condition gets worse when he starts crying, getting hoarse voice and fever. When he shows some bad condition like: wheezing and breathing difficulty, painful when swallow, runny nose, fatigue, pale skin and blue at finger nail; you will probably need professional medical interference.

How to prevent severe case of croup? Treat them as soon as possible with some home remedies for croup that we would like to recommend for you now for health issues.

Home Remedies for Croup

  1. Keep calm

Croup virus makes the airway narrow and inflamed which means they had trouble with breathing. But the more they cry, the worse their symptoms become. So make them stable as much as you can and start home treatment below.

  1. Water steam

Like the treatment for cold, warm up the body temperature and moisturizing air is used to relieve the symptoms caused by croup. This remedy makes sure that child’s breathing tract is not dry and makes them painful and cough. In case he can’t bear the heat of water and bathroom temperature, use mist- humidifier instead in 10 minutes.

  1. Ginger

Ginger is listed as the ability for reducing congestion and signs of croup.

Chewing ginger lozenges are usually used for children because of flavor, the child will eat them as candies.

But there’s one more way of using ginger as home remedies for croup. Drinking ginger tea not only provides hydration to keep air way moist but also disinfects child’s air way effectively and warming up body temperature to prevent severe cold.If they can’t handle bitter taste of ginger tea, mixture of basil leaves, some drops of honey to finger extract in small quantities may help you in other  health issues also.

  1. Honey

Its anti- inflammatory and dis-infectious properties of honey is undeniable. Honey both relieves the symptoms and treats croup remarkably.

Honey hot tea helps reduce cough and clean up the infected throat a lot.

Honey lemon is so famous that other family member and also ill child should drink 2 spoons of honey lemon and water every morning. This traditional recipe really works when you want to avoid all of common cold or illness. Moreover, COPD is also not a big problem with honey lemon.

  1. Turmeric

Healing and anti- inflammation ability of turmeric plays important roles in dealing with sore and scratchy throat.

But turmeric powder is too much for child, mix turmeric powder with milk. Turmeric milk is made in a formula: 3 teaspoons of powder in a cup of milk and heat the mixture up. Drink it whenever they have sore throat.

  1. Vitamin C

Additional vitamin C boosts up children’s immunity system. But using synthetic vitamin C is not home remedy and recommended for you when you are not following doctor’s guidance. So adding vitamin C through food, fruit in your daily diet is helpful and safe.

A healthy diet is to eat meals regularly and evenly and contains the daily needs of the body of calories and other elements and minerals-health Issues



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