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Proper Diet-Top 3 food for Protein

It is very Important to Take proper diet to Live Better and Healthy life.

We are so Busy in our Modern life that we are not able to Take proper diet. We take lots of junk food with improper Nutrition Ration which leads to fat storage.

If you want to Become Fit from fat than you have take proper diet. In Diet Protein in one of the best Thing which help your body to Build muscle, make you more muscular.

Adding best whey protein supplement is good addon if you can not do proper diet. But if it is always good idea to follow Proper Diet.

In fact in Today’s post i am going to share you my best Food which help me to complete my Daily Protein Intake.

Before That let see,

How much and why our body need protein?

Protein is help you Grow our Muscle. It helps to prevent the breaking of Muscles. If you are aa gym guy than Protein help your to Build more stronger Muscle which you Break in Gym.

According to Doctors and Nutrition Experts you should take *1.5 Grams of protein per Kg of weights. For example if your weight is 70 Kg than according to calculation=72*1.5=108 gram of protein your body need everyday.

If you take more than that, you will start storing this protein in the form of fat which make you more bulky. And if you take less protein than this, you will start losing your Muscles and start looking more Week than past.

So you should take proper Protein intake in proper amount.

We have given the List of Food which you can Take to complete your protein Requirement:


Chicken is one of the most  popular and most Important diet taken by Almost all bodybuilders. It contain around 50%-80% of protein and other fat. It helps to Grow muscle very fast. You can add 100g of chicken in your daily diet.

We have listed the amount of protein you will get in chicken according to their body parts:

  • Chicken breast: 54 grams in one breast, or 31 grams per 100 grams of Breast
  • Chicken thigh: 13.5 grams in one thigh, or 26 grams per 100 grams of Chicken Thigh
  • Chicken drumstick: 12.4 grams in one drumstick, or 28.3 grams per 100 grams of Drumstick
  • Chicken wings: 6.4 grams in one wing, or 30.5 grams per 100 grams of Wings


Eggs is one of the most common Thing you will find in every home. It is very healthy if take, On Regular bases. But the problem with Egg is, The middle part of egg i.e. yellow part contain bad fat in the form of cholesterol which is not good for your heart.

You Must Remove this Yellow part before or after cooking to avoid any side effects. In every egg you will get 4 Gram of fat.  Normally you can add 5-10 Eggs per day in you Food. Thee cost of one egg is around 5rs which is affordable for almost everyone. You can adjust the quantity of eggs according to your need.

Some of the researches shows that eating eggs after cooking can improve, Absorption of protein by your body. So make sure you cook very well before eating Eggs.

cottage cheese or paneer

Are you vegration ?

Don’t worry this section is for you. One of the best and most common way of getting protein is taking dairy product like milk, yogurts, Panner etc.

In fact most of the protein is made of milk which is known as isolate. It is purest form of protein which is made by purifying milk.

You will get 28 grams of protein in one cup of paneer i.e 225 Grams of protein. The fat amount is around 2 Grams which is very low.


So this are my top 3 food which help you to get Protein in your diet. You must add this thing according your protein intake in your diet.

If you have any question then please let us know in comment box. We  will try to solve your problem. If you find this post helpful than make sure you share this post with your friends and family and let them know about best whey protein sources.

Cheese !! there are many Diet Programs tеll you to reduce your calorie intake





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