The Hints For A Nice Sleep


Lack of sleep, you will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, panic, anxiety, loss of concentration. Today we are going to tell what is the issues and solution for nice sleep meanwhile you can read some best pillows for side sleepers reviews for you.

How to improve your sleep?

Why do you get sleeplessness?

Many research results showed that women have insomnia more than men in menopause age. Not only the elderly, has insomnia also occurred in adolescent’s age. There are many causes of insomnia. For example, you get some changes or events in life. They will directly affect your mood, your emotions and make you lose sleep. Living habits also causes of insomnia.

Sleep time and wake time is not reasonable. Maybe you are oversleeping at noon, so you cannot sleep at night. Or you go to bed too late. If you abuse of stimulants such as wine, beer, coffee, tobacco, or by the impact of the external environment, such as the bedroom is so hot or so cold, because the noise is too loud, a bright bedroom also make you lose sleep. In addition, there is a reason that many people ignore, it is the lack of blood to the brain and makes you lose sleep. Ischemic causes the pins and needles feeling in limbs or sweating during sleep. You should also create a relaxed mood to easily go to sleep.

The British researchers said that lack of sleep in one week is enough to change the activity of hundreds of genes. Derk-Jan Dijk, director of the Center for Sleep Research at the University Surrey (UK) showed that, researchers have tracked the activities of the genes in the human genome and found that lack of sleep (sleep less than 6 hours per night) affects the operation of more than 700 genes, including genes related to controlling inflammation, immune and stress response.

Moreover, the numbers of genes are affected by insomnia higher than 7 times, if this situation lasts long in a week. The lack of sleep leads to a variety of health problems including obesity, heart disease, and cognitive impairment. For children, lack of sleep will cause adverse health consequences and psychophysiology. Children are easy irritable, grumpy mood. If this situation lasts long, mental problems can happen.

What to do when insomnia?

When you sleep, the first thing is to remove the causes of insomnia, such as drinking too much coffee in the evening or before going to sleep, eat too much hot spicy foods, eating too full, traveling scheduled, change the time zone, stress at work, etc. After knowing the cause, you can automatically adjust to catch sleep. You should also create a relaxed mood to easily go to sleep.

To make it easier to fall asleep, you should: Go to bed when you feel sleepy, do not try to resist; Do not eat dinner too late (after 8 pm), this will affect the hormones drowsiness. Dinner should not eat oil foods, leading to indigestion, bloating; abusing of stimulants such as coffee, tobacco, wine, beer cause nervous tension, and difficulty in falling asleep. To have a good sleep, depends on many factors. Improving your sleep means you protect your health. You can some best products reviews as well.



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