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Signs That You Need To Buy a New Hair Clipper

After investing your hard earned hair clippers’ purchases, it is reasonable that you want them to last for a long time. After all, you have been doing everything to ensure that they are in perfect condition. However, all good things must come to an end.  When is it time to let hair clippers go? Well, here are the signs to look out for:


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  • The Blades and Combs Are Completely Damaged

The hair stylist  will tell you that a blade is the most essential part of a hair clipper. If it is too damaged to be sharpened, it is time to make new purchases. All teeth must be present for the blade to function properly.

Unlike blades, combs cannot be fixed or repaired. Once you see missing teeth or flattened front or rear rail, it is time to head to the stores. Otherwise, you will be leaving a room for some hairs to escape the cut.

  • You Cannot Get a Firm Grip

The forces of wear and tear invade the hair clippers, just like it is the case with many products. The once easy-to-hold clipper can become slippery in your hands. It will take longer to cut the hair, which is frustrating. Get a new clipper and the problem will be over.

  • You Have Noticed Signs of Corrosion

There is no need to debate whether to replace a hair clipper if you have realized that the blades are corroded. The options to eliminate the rust are often involving and may not yield perfect results. It is particularly true if the material utilized to make the product is cheap. Find stores that can provide you with quality blades.

  • The Speed and Power Is Limited

A good hair clipper is defined by its ability to cut all kinds of hair including the tough and thick hairs. It must also give you the liberty to do the cuts in dry and wet conditions. Efficiency is important in this process.

The speed and power of a clipper is determined by the type of motor used in the design. They can be magnetic, pivot and rotary. The magnetic motor is slower than the rest. However, it can still perform DIY cuts efficiently. If you desire to get speedier cuts, go for clippers featuring pivot and rotary motors.

  • You Are Using Old-Fashioned Clippers

In a world where the aspects of invention and innovation are valued, you cannot afford to use old-fashioned clippers. There is an array of products to choose from today. If you have been using manual clippers, it is time to invest in electric types for more power and speed. When your clipper is noisy, go for the less noisy products. Does the ergonomic design limits your ability to cut the sensitive parts? Just go for new designs.

  • The Cords Are Twisted or Burnt

In case you are using corded hair clippers, there are chances that the cords will get twisted over time. It will eventually lead to tears and malfunctions. The socket may also be overheated due to electrical-related issues such as power surges in your home. Find new clippers that are designed to withstand the shocks. They must have strong cords to eliminate the twists.

  • The Housing Is Broken

Sure, the blades and combs may be in perfect condition and can give you the cut of your choice. How about the housing? Has it been falling and breaking to the extent that you can’t have a firm grip? If it is made of plastic, it will eventually fall apart. Just replace the clipper and avoid the frustrations.

  • The Clipper Is Too Heavy and Huge

Bigger is not always better. When it comes to hair clippers, you need to settle for a small-sized and light weight product that can be held easily. It is the only way you will end up with the style and precision you always wanted. Replace the gigantic and weighty clippers with the ideal products.

  • The Reviews Are Praising A Specific Product

There is nothing wrong with listening to what other clients are saying about hair clippers. If they are thrilled by a product, it is a sign that you should try it.

All in all, you need to buy new hair clippers if you desire perfect and precise cuts.

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