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Privacy Policy

Hi understand the importance of privacy to you and respect your privacy. Please read and understand this Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as “this policy”) before submitting personal data to postshealth. This policy applies to postshealth websites and products and services that display this Privacy Policy or link to this Privacy Policy.


This policy explains how Huawei handles your personal data, but this policy may not cover all possible data processing scenarios. Information about the collection of specific data for a product or service may be published by postshealth in a supplemental policy or in a notice provided when collecting data.


You understand the following for policy

How does postshealth collect and use your personal data?

How postshealth uses cookies and similar technologies

How does postshealth disclose your personal data?

How Accese Data

How postshealth protects your personal data

How does postshealth handle children’s personal data?

Third party providers and their services

How your personal data is transferred globally

How to update this policy

How to contact postshealth

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As the scope of our services expands, we will update the content of the privacy statement at any time. If there is a substantial change in the User Information Policy, we will post the relevant rules on the webpage to notify you in a timely manner. We welcome you to come back to view this statement at any time.

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