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Premature Ejaculation And How To Deal With It

40% of women say that controlling sexual libel is very important.

A sexual relationship is one of the most important influences on the relationship of the couple. And any problems affecting sexual pleasure may lead to frustration and affect the whole relationship.

Ejaculation is a condition that occurs when a man ejaculates quickly and before the desired timer during sexual intercourse. One out of every three men has already experienced the problem of premature ejaculation at least once. There is no need to worry if the problem does not get much.

Symptoms of premature ejaculation

The main symptoms of premature ejaculation are the inability to delay ejaculation for more than a minute after penetration. The problem of premature ejaculation occurs during all sexual situations even during masturbation.

Permanent condition: When ejaculation occurs most or all of the time since the first sexual relationship.

Acquired case (secondary): When the ejaculation capacity has evolved after a number of sexual experiences.

The normal condition of change of ejaculation speed: When a man feels that he has symptoms of premature ejaculation but does not meet the diagnostic criteria. The man has periods of rapid ejaculation and other periods of ejaculation.

When you are exposed to premature ejaculation more than once during or for many times, you should consult your doctor to work on the treatment of the condition. Many cases require little treatment, while other cases are not considered a medical condition

Causes of premature ejaculation

It was believed that premature ejaculation was caused by psychological factors, while specialists now believe that the main cause is unknown, while psycho-biological factor plays an important role in causing the condition.

Psychological causes:

Erectile dysfunction- Men who are concerned about erections or maintaining them during intercourse may be a fast-paced type of ejaculation, which can be difficult to change.

Anxiety- Many men with premature ejaculation also suffer from anxiety problems – both about sexual performance or other problems.

Relationship problems- If you have satisfactory sexual relations with your other wives in which ejaculation occurs infrequently or never occurs, personal problems between you and your current spouse may be part of the problem.

Hurrying in previous relationships may lead to premature ejaculation because it is a casting change of habit after getting used to it. One of the reasons for the haste and urgency of ejaculation during sexual intercourse is the man’s attempt to avoid discovery.

Biological causes:

Levels of abnormal hormones

The abnormal levels of brain chemicals called neurotransmitters

Irregular reflex activity of ejaculation device

Thyroid problems

Prostate or urethritis

Inherited characteristics

Nerve damage due to surgery or trauma (rare condition)

Complications of premature ejaculation

The speed of ejaculation does not affect any health condition, but its impact on the personal life of man.

Anxiety and relationship problems, a common complication of premature ejaculation are anxious tension in the relationship.

Fertility, as fertilization affects reproduction.

When should I see your doctor?

When ejaculation occurs in the first minute

The inability to delay ejaculation during intercourse at all times or most of the time

When feeling sorry and frustrated, and the tendency to avoid intimacy as a result

In general, psycho-biological factors play an important role in causing premature ejaculation. Many men feel embarrassed when talking about premature ejaculation. However, it is a common condition that can be treated with counseling, medication and sexual techniques that delay ejaculation.

Diagnosis Visit your doctor

Men who suffer from premature ejaculation are advised to visit a GP at the beginning, because many cases may only need simple treatment if the complications are mild. However, if the condition requires intervention by a specialist, the GP will recommend the appropriate doctor.

Things to do before a doctor visit:

Know what to avoid or do before your doctor asks what to avoid or do before.

Symptoms. How often does ejaculation occur before the desired time? How long does it take to ejaculate after intercourse?

Sexual history. Have you experienced the same problem during previous sexual relations? How were the circumstances then?

Medical History. It includes a collection of health cases, medicines, and supplements.

Some questions can be asked to the doctor

What can cause premature ejaculation?

What tests do you recommend?

What treatment method do you recommend?

What is the expected duration of improvement after starting treatment?

How much improvement can I reasonably expect?

Am I at risk of repeating this problem?

Is there an alternative medication similar to the one that I have prescribed?

Are there any other publications or printed material that I can take home with me? What websites do you recommend visiting?


Your doctor will check your body and check your urine. If you have erectile dysfunction, your doctor will ask for a blood test to test your male hormone levels.

Treatment of premature ejaculation

Behavioral techniques

A doctor may recommend practicing masturbation before intercourse for an hour or two, and this may help delay libido during sexual intercourse. It may be recommended to a doctor not to have sex for a period of time and focus on other types of sexual caresses and to get rid of tension and stress.

The technique of stopping and pressing

The doctor may recommend that the couple experience the technique through the following steps:

Starting sexual activity as usual, including penis stimulation, even feeling close to ejaculation.

The wife squeezes the end of the penis when the head of the penis reaches the vaginal canal and keep this pressure for several seconds until the urge to ejaculate.

After finishing the pressure, wait for 30 seconds, and then repeat the caress. Pressing the penis can lead to erectile dysfunction, but when the excitement is complete, it will soon regain full erection.

The wife can be put back to the pressure again when feeling ejaculation

When repeated, a number of penetration times can be achieved without extrusion, after which it becomes easy to control extrusion.

Local anesthesia

Used creams and sprays that work on anesthesia in the treatment of premature ejaculation. These products are placed on the penis before intercourse shortly to reduce sensation and thus delay ejaculation.

Although creams and anesthesiologists work well and are unobtrusive, they have some potential side effects, such as temporary loss of sensation and reduced sexual pleasure. In some cases, some women have said they have had side effects. In some rare cases, these ointments and aerosols have caused allergies.

Take oral medications

Some medications that delay sexual orgasm are used to treat premature ejaculation. However, they were not officially approved for premature ejaculation. , Of these drugs, antidepressants, analgesics and phosphodiesterase inhibitors 5.

Antidepressants. Side effects of some types of antidepressants include delayed orgasm. For this reason, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), such as sertraline (Zoloft), paroxetine (Paxil) or fluoxetine (Prozac, Sarafem), are used to help delay ejaculation. If selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors do not affect the timing of ejaculation, the doctor may prescribe tricyclic antidepressants such as clomipramine (Anafranil).

Analgesics. Tramadol (Tram) is a drug commonly used to treat pain. It also involves side effects that delay ejaculation. May be described when serotonin reuptake inhibitors are ineffective.

Phosphodiesterase inhibitors 5. Some drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction, such as sildenafil (Viagra, Revatio), Tadalafil (Cialis, Adecirca) or Vardenafil (Levitra, Staxin) may help in the case of premature ejaculation.

Side effects may include undesirable antidepressants, nausea, dry mouth, drowsiness and decreased libido.


This includes talking to a specialist about sexual relationships and experiences. Consultation sessions may reduce stress, as the doctor may resort to sessions with medication.

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