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New Technology Artificial Intelligence In Health Care

Do you keep updates of the latest technology trend? Then you must know artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning are the words that are the trend of many topic conversations in the media. And Artificial Intelligence? This technology has already brought about many changes in the field of mechanical engineering, software testing, electrical engineering and IT. In this article, however, we will focus on Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare.

Artificial Intelligence was accepted in many fields, but in medical industry, it took some time. But now it is to bring about many transformations in healthcare. The one factor, that even a common man can know about artificial intelligence is that it can bring about efficient, precise results in patient’s care.

The healthcare industry is huge, amounting to billions of dollars. And in this era of fast paced life, people are ready to pay money, but they want the best and only the very best. And when they find that there is a mismatch in the fees and treatment method, then comes litigations, allegations and unwanted arguments.

So how can Artificial Intelligence bring about changes in healthcare?

Artificial Intelligence is but, advanced technology. Yes, it is welcomed with open arms. But there is always the doubt of machine error and mismanagement of software. Yet, many healthcare providers have already made a beeline for this new technology. They have already spent billions in AI tools and solutions. Let us see into five benefits of AI in healthcare.

  1. Surgery Through Robots

Yes, that is the new buzzword. There are robots such as the Da Vinci that assist doctors to perform complex operations with more efficiency. When implemented, the robots can analyze information from their database, and can perform surgery with minimum incisions. And they are programmed to act in perfection. So there are very few chances of error.

              2.Virtual Assistants

Any common man can easily grasp the title. The virtual assistant is a software application, and in other words a chat bot. When used in customer care, it can handle simple customer queries. But in healthcare, it can take the form of virtual nurses. As per a survey, virtual nursing assistants can save the healthcare industry nearly 20 billion every year. They will be available 24/7, and provide quick responses even to simple medical problems. At present, many applications of virtual nursing assistants are limited to prevent unnecessary hospital visits of patients and hospital readmission.

  1. Judgement in Crucial Decisions

To conduct an operation is a serious decision. It will be taken by the doctor only when there is no other alternative. Usage of AI to diagnose patients has not yet reached its peak, but yes it has been used for detecting cancer in patients. The results have been impressive. The reason, the algorithms can examine habits, genetic information and medical records in quick time to give the perfect analysis data.

  1. WorkFlow

Gone were the days, when hospitals used to maintain records in paper. There used to be a massive store room for patient records. The executive have to search among the pile for a specific patient record. In recent times, electronic health records have come, but with the growth of population, that is, a huge amount of data.

With automation and AI in the application, it is possible for doctors to give commands to AI to take out the notes. The AI can also dig deep into the record and give the perfect information to the doctor for treatment. Let us imagine a situation. The executive loses a valuable electronic health record paper that the patient has undergone a operation or he has allergy to a certain mineral. Then when the doctor prescribes the medicine, the treatment may go wrong. This is where artificial intelligence in Healthcare can bring about many benefits.

  1. Image Analysis

Just visualize the hundreds of scans done in medical diagnostic centers. There are MRI scans, CT scans and a doctor has to go through many images to give the result. Imagine a situation when AI application gets implemented. It can scan as many images as possible with precision and efficiency. There will be hardly any chances of error.

In case of an accident or for patients in remote areas without access to medical instruments, a patient can take a picture from his mobile phone and send it to the AI tool. It can suggest the best form of treatment.

  1. Unifying Mind and Machine via Brain Computer Interfaces

There are virtual agents such as Siri and Alexa, but the technology is still in its nascent stages. For individuals suffering from paralysis, they need to depend on another individual. How good will it be, if they can have access to a software application that does not have a computer, keyboard, mouse or monitor. This research can bring relief for special patients and students.

  1. Medical Devices

A patient living in an ICU will need constant monitoring. But a virtual AI can, with ease, detect the patterns if the patient’s health deteriorates and give an alert to the doctor. This may save thousands of human lives.


Artificial Intelligence in healthcare is still in its very nascent stage. But yes, the future is bright for this technology and the innovations will be beneficial for mankind. Imagine a situation in the future in a city such as Hyderabad. You have many smart appliances such as fridge, water purifier, air conditioner and more. Now, your child suffers a cut when he tries to get water from the water purifier. So, there are two tasks you have to handle. One is taking a picture of the bruises suffered by your son and sending the image to the AI medical tool for suggestion of treatment. The second is searching for the best technician skilled in water purifier repair in Hyderabad. You can search for the company specializing in home care services in Hyderabad, download the app and book a service. The chosen technician comes to your home on the scheduled time. The problem gets fixed. You will also get a suitable treatment method from the AI tool for your son. Artificial Intelligence in healthcare is definitely going to usher a new set of tools and devices that can solve medical problems with precision and efficiency. Do you need more information on the recent updates in health gadgets? Subscribe to our newsletter to get new updates.


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