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How to take proper care of your teeth and gums – A beginner’s guide

With proper care, your dental health will be awesome throughout your life. When your teeth and gum are healthy, you’re less likely to have teeth decay and other dental health issues. Always remember that your dental health affects various parts of your body including your eyes and facial structure. So you need to take special care of your teeth and gum if you want to have a clear vision and a beautiful smile.

Ways to take care of your dental health

A few effective ways to take care of your teeth and gum are:

  1. Brushing
  2. Flossing
  3. Eating proper foods
  4. Regular checkup with dentists
  5. Rinsing

                       1. Brushing – Brush your teeth after having meals. If you have time, brush for half an hour to 1 hour every day. Dentists recommend brushing twice a day. I guess you can manage it very well. Brushing helps to avoid plaque, which leads to cavities. Plaque is very bad for teeth. It’s a layer of bacteria that cling to teeth. When it comes in contact with food particles, it generates acids. These harmful acids create cavities.Plaque can gather on and around your tongue. Take your toothbrush or a tongue cleaner to clean the surface of your tongue every day. This will help you fight bad breath.

A small tip: Change your toothbrush once every 3 to 4 months. When you’re brushing your teeth, keep the head of the toothbrush at 45-degree angle near the gum line. This helps you to clean the inside surface of your teeth. Rinse your mouth with a mouthwash after brushing your teeth every day.

  1. Flossing – It’s important to floss your teeth every day. It helps to remove food and plaque that remain between the teeth. Your toothbrush can’t reach that place and remove plaque, which can turn into tartar later. Once your plaque becomes a tartar, it gets very difficult to get rid of it. Only a skilled dentist can help to remove it.
  2. Eating proper foods – Good food leads to good dental health. When I’m talking about good food, I’m not referring to pizzas and spaghetti. I’m referring to foods that don’t have sugars and starches. Foods that contain sugar and starches create acids inside your mouth. The longer they stay inside your mouth, the more damage it can do to your teeth. Avoid candies, dried fruits, sugary gum, chips, cookies, cakes, pie, coffee, and raisins. These kinds of foods cause tooth decay.

I have observed most people don’t brush their teeth after having snacks. That is a very bad habit. Potato chips and wafers stay on the teeth for a long time. This is more harmful to your teeth.

  1. Regular checkup with dentists – Make it a point to visit your dentist at least once every 6 months. Don’t think about the fee. If you can spend a significant amount of money on clothes, food, and vacations, then you shouldn’t worry about the dentist fee. Your teeth are more valuable than clothes and vacations. Your dentist can help you to have a good dental health. Your dentist can checkup your teeth, do the professional cleanings, and suggest ways to have good oral health.

Don’t go for home remedies if you have pain in your teeth. Consult a dentist immediately.

  1. Rinsing – Rinsing should be a part of your dental care routine. But don’t rinse your teeth with just a normal mouthwash. Opt for an antibacterial mouthwash that helps to kill bacteria.

Bacteria create bad breathe, gum disease, and plaque. Use a mouthwash that kills bacteria proactively. Fluoride-containing mouthwash is a good option. It helps to avoid tooth decay. Some mouthwashes contain both antibacterial and fluoride components. Those mouthwashes are even better for your teeth. Keep the mouthwash inside your mouth for 30 to 60 seconds so that the antibacterial compounds can kill all the germs proactively.


If you have read the whole article, chances are high that you’re acutely conscious of the impact of dental health on your body. Take care of your teeth and gum every day. Consult dentists in your locality because they keep learning new things about teeth and gum on a daily basis. You can learn about the new ways to heal and safeguard your teeth and gum.

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