Effective skin-care tips for acne


The battle for a beautiful and flawless skin is never ending. It requires a little extra effort, since your skin is highly prone to various disorders. Thus, it becomes imperative to find the methods that work best for your skin. Listed below are some of the most effective:

Sanitize your Smartphone

As per a recent study, your phone can get as germ-infected as a toilet. All these germs are transferred to your skin, every time you use your phone, say experts at AMRI Hospitals, which has a team of the best dermatologists in Kolkata. This is said to be a common cause of pimples and irritation. Thus, you should sanitize your phone at regular intervals to keep your phone bacteria-free. You can use an antibacterial wipe like Clorox Disinfecting Wipes for the same.

Cut down the consumption of dairy products

Dairy products consist of cow hormones that stimulate your oil glands and result in acne. Thus, avoiding dairy products can help you in avoiding acne and skin related problems.

Apply the mixture of dry roast cinnamon and honey

A paste of dry roast cinnamon and honey can do wonders to your skin. It is one of the best ways to get rid of acne.

Use a face mask of basil or tulsi paste

The face mask of tulsi paste is an effective hack for skin related disorders. Using it on a regular basis can help you get rid of pimples easily.

Ensure proper sleep

Dermatologists at AMRI Hospitals, Kolkata assert sleeping is the best time to rejuvenate your skin. Sleep deprivation makes you look pale and is also a common cause of acne.

Use sesame seeds

Along with the wide-ranging health benefits, sesame seeds can also be used in a paste form for treating acne.

Remove your makeup before bed

Sleeping with make up on clogs your skin pores, causes excessive dryness and even skin flakes in some cases, warn dermatologists at AMRI Hospitals. Thus, it is important to remove your make up properly before you go to sleep.

Margosa or Neem leaves

Neem is an effective remedy for acne due to the antifungal agents present in it. This is one of the major reasons why it is used in various Ayurvedic medicines.




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