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11 Health Foods that aren’t healthy at all

 To be honest, those ‘healthy’ labeled food that you love so much and enjoy without any guilt, aren’t as healthy as they claim to be in your diet programs. Advertisements do not always provide accurate information nor does product labels at the back.

Come to think of it, what do those terms ‘all natural’ or ‘100% whole wheat’ even mean? I hate to burst the bubble, but some of our favorite meals that we have been eating are vague and unhealthy.

Here is a list of the worst offenders in the false ‘health’ category. Avoid these 11 foods to make all the difference you can.

11 Heath foods that are bad news

  1. Energy bars

 Yes, you are reading it right. Those energy and protein bars that you trust so much, more often than not have nutritional profiles of that of candy bars. It is true! Some of them even carry as much sugar as in a candy bar. We are not saying that you should abandon them altogether, but it won’t hurt to take a look at the ingredients, calories and the amount of sugar on the label.

  1. Diet soda

 A new study has come up with some disturbing claims about soda. A soda a day can drastically increase the risk of prostate cancer in a man by 40 percent compared to those who do not drink such stuff. Now, what about diet soda? What is its status? Is it safe?

Well no. Diet sodas are not good either. In fact, they are just as worse. Here’s how the ‘diet’ mechanism work. The artificial sweeteners fool your body into thinking that you are eating real food and lets insulin regulate your levels. But since artificial sweeteners are much sweeter than actual sugar, they end up being converted into fat. You will be more prone to heart attack and stroke. To calm your nerves down, try yoga classes in Jaipur.

  1. ‘Sugar-free’ products

 Artificial sweeteners are simply bad news. No many know about it, but some contain cancer-inducing agents called aspartame. Therefore, be mindful of what you are consuming. We suggest going for zero sugar instead.

  1. Frozen Yogurt

 You are free to treat this one as a hit or miss. Though the Natural flavor is the healthiest of all options, do not pile up on the toppings. The moment you load up the scoop with candy and sugar, it converts to something as bad as others on the list. So, if you are trying to stay healthy, you might want to do away with just a cup.

  1. Dried Fruits

 They seem like an innocent snack. After all, they are only fruits. True. But processing houses add sulfur dioxide to preserve their freshness. Furthermore, to sweeten flavors (especially cranberries and pineapple), they add a lot of sugar. But it does not mean they do not have good vitamins, minerals, and fiber content (because they do), but it is easy to overeat. When you do that, you are back to square one,is part of many diet programs

  1. Pretzels

 True. They are fat-free. They are your go-to snack. But when we talk about nutritional value, they do not have any. Worst of all, they are made of white flour which tends to quickly convert itself into sugar in the body, increasing blood sugar and making you feel hungry. (Another reason why even if you finish an entire bag, you don’t feel full). Never stock them up for late-night snacking. We suggest eating something with high protein and fiber instead.

  1. Low-fat or skimmed milk

 Whole milk is always healthy, and when you are skimming off the fat, you are also abandoning yourself from essential vitamins, texture, and flavor. To compensate for the protein and calcium you are losing, milk companies add synthetic vitamins while processing. It is not a bad idea to buy fat-free dairy products, but you might as well keep the processing to a minimum.

  1. Fruit juice

 Packaged fruit juices are not as healthy as you think they are. (No matter what the label says). The reason is simple. Nothing can beat the benefits of fruits in their whole form. Natural fruits are full of vitamins and nutrients. When they are processed as juice, the good ceases to exist. Also, when you are not chewing the liquid, chances are the fructose-laden sugar may be stored in the liver as fat. Anyway, if you still want a glass for breakfast, go for the unsweetened versions (preferably cherry or grape juice) instead.

  1. Bottled Iced Tea

 They do not list the natural flavors, sugar or fructose content on the bottle. Yes! Chances are most green tea and black tea are high in antioxidants, but when it gets mixed with sugar, benefits get lapsed right away.

  1. Vegan chips

 The fruit and vegetable chips that you love so much contains minimal raw ingredients and is full of artificial colors and flavors. Most of the nutrients are destroyed while they undergo processing and you end up with something that only looks like a vegetable or a fruit.

  1. Brown Rice Syrup

 Rice malt syrup or brown rice syrup is considered to be a healthy sweetener for weight loss. Though the absence of refined fructose is good news, with the glycemic index as high as 98, it spikes blood sugar extremely fast. Rice syrup does not contain any essential nutrients.

Unhealthy food is the reason why we are getting fatter and sicker with each growing day. In the end, the food industry is a business. In the process of money-making, they end up doing things that aren’t in our best interest. Act smart & play safe.



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